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Werewolf Online Game
Defend the city against the mafias by discovering the truth, find the mafias and don't let the city be destroyed.
Defend the city against the mafias by discovering the truth, find the mafias and don't let the city be destroyed.
In the mysterious days and nights, the war between citizens and the mafias reaches its peak, the mafias take citizens hostage and shoot them, the citizens seek to save each other and identify and kill the mafias.
The godfather game is a group game, a breathtaking and exciting competition between two groups of citizens and mafias, which you can play with players from all over country/world or with your friends online and with voice chat.

Some features of the game:
✅ The possibility of playing for all living languages of the world.
✅ The possibility of playing in two ways, play with friends Or play Ranked.
✅ The possibility of creating a lobby with the number of people and your favorite roles to play with friends with the ability to personalize and set a password.
✅ The possibility of adding people as supervisors in the game to prevent cheating.
✅ Has 25 attractive and popular roles (more roles coming soon).

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